When you hear the word camping, you will immediately imagine a beautiful view, cool air, and interesting and unique experience. And we believe that what you most look forward to is making a campfire in front of your dome tent. The existence of a campfire is very helpful to warm a cold night when camping (camper). Bonfires are also used as a place to gather and chat with friends and family in front of the dome tent, then there’s grilled chicken meat prepared for your dinner when you’re hungry so that your relationship is increasingly close with relatives. Before you can enjoy the bonfire, of course you need to know how to make a bonfire. Certainly, it is not difficult to make a campfire.

Here are the steps:

Prepare firewood.

Arrange firewood by stacking pieces of wood.

Flush firewood with kerosene to facilitate combustion.

Light the fire and burn the firewood starting from the bottom of the pile.

Slowly the fire will spread upwards, which then burns the entire pile of the campfire.

Enjoy the campfire in front of your dome tent.

Always remember your safety while making and being around a campfire. What are the safety tips you need to know:

Do not near dry trees which can cause a fire in the camping environment (camper) where you are camping.

Don’t get too close to the dome tent.

Do not get too close to flammable materials.

When done, make sure there is no fire left.

Well, after you read how to make a campfire, are you interested in doing outdoor activities or camping (camping) with friends and relatives? Don’t forget to prepare your dome tent before leaving, so you can easily make your bed in the beautiful garden. Always prioritize your safety, your family and friends when camping.

That’s it for the info that we can share with you this time, and please don’t forget to use the campfire carefully so you won’t cause any disaster in the camp site.