Painting faces is fun in any situation, such as painting faces on a birthday party or Halloween. Face painting can be a hobby for some people, or even as a career for talented artists. Whatever your goals, the possibility of making original and interesting designs is as broad as your imagination. You can follow these steps to choose the right face paint, or you can visit face painting near San Diego, CA.

Buy suitable face paint. Suitable face paint should be your first consideration. Paying attention to the safety, type, and quality of the paint will help you paint the face of your dreams. Prioritize security. Use face paint that is of high-quality cosmetics and only made of materials in accordance with the quality provisions by Department of Health so as not to cause damage to the skin of people whose faces you will paint. Make sure the paint is made from cosmetics and has a list of ingredients used. A painting that is not suitable can cause itching, allergic reactions, or even cause permanent damage in extreme cases. If you are not sure of listing allergens and those of your client, let your client or parents read a list of the ingredients listed. Avoid the following items:

– Watercolor colored pencils, markers or pens. These objects may be “washable” on the fabric, but that does not mean they can be used on the skin.

– Acrylic paint for works cubes. It may be listed as “non-toxic” but does not mean it is safe to use on the skin, or “safe to use as a cosmetic”.

– Avoid oil-based paint. This paint will be difficult to remove and can fade easily.

– Collect several different colors. At the very least, you will need black, white, red, blue and yellow. You can mix these colors to make all the colors on the spectrum. If you don’t have time to mix colors, choose a color palette that has 8-14 colors.