Every business cannot be separated from calculations in financial terms, both those related to legal, profit and loss. Either small and medium-sized companies or large companies are always related in terms of finance and accounting in managing their funds. In large companies even have to hire and have accounting thailand consultants to conduct corporate financial audits.

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Accounting consultants are parties both in the form of individuals and legal entities engaged in accounting services whose job is to assist companies in auditing the company’s financial operations. Services provided by accounting consultants include Bookkeeping Services, Financial Report Compilation Services, Management Services, Management Accounting, Management Consulting, Tax Services, Agreed Procedure Services for Financial Information, and Information Technology System Services. All types of assistance can be obtained by the company from an accounting consultant.
Parties who can use the services of an accounting consultant are not only companies, but individuals or individuals, cooperatives, foundations, legal entities in the form of capital alliances and civil CV partnerships, firms and business entities capital is owned by the government. All of these parties can use the services of an accounting consultant.