The purpose of the ship maintenance system is that there is an orderly operation schedule for ships, improving the safety of crew members and their equipment, there is a classification of jobs from the most important and urgent, knowing the machinery that has been treated and who have not received care, to obtain feedback information accurate for the head office in improving services, designing ships, and so on. So that the maintenance system can be carried out carefully and developed in order to save and reduce maintenance and repair costs of ships or Yachts.

In addition to the general purpose of implementing maintenance and repairs, the purpose of maintenance and repairs is to prevent a greater damage, by implementing a planned maintenance system, keeping the vessel always in Seaworthy conditions in all weather and places, making it easier to inspect all spare parts number of thousands of items, with a numbering system and labeling each item, minimize the damage that will occur, alleviate the workload of a job on the ship, manage the maintenance budget and can be used according to planned needs, maintain commitments or trade business agreements with second parties and parties third.

Damage Prevention

Maintenance and repair of ships must be carried out routinely even though the condition of the engine at that time was still running well and normally to prevent more severe damage. Maintenance and repair by referring to continuous condition monitoring, which requires adequate spare parts, so that all maintenance and repairs can be carried out without waiting for the procurement of new materials. These are factors that underlie the need for maintenance and repair of ship engines:

Preparing the ship remains in top condition and remains seaworthy.

Ensure the condition of the ship’s engine is still feasible to be maintained within a certain time, to regulate how much it will be budgeted to operate the vessel.

Ensure that the routine maintenance and implementation system schedule is correct and in accordance with its reporting to head office management.