If you are a user of a chain saw machine you might have experienced an event where the sawing machine was already on but the rotation was unstable, or you might have experienced an event where your chainsaw was already on, but the chain was not moving. That is a small part of the problem that is often experienced by users of chainsaw machines. For a technician, the problem above can be easily overcome, but what happens if the problem occurs in those lay users / new owners who do not really understand the problem about the machine. You can get the best cordless chainsaw on our website.

We have several solutions that you might be able to implement when your chainsaw machine emits excessive smoke and cannot reach the full speed. There are at least 3 (three) possibilities that cause the sawing machine to emit excessive smoke, including:

– The oil/fuel mixture used is wrong.
– Dirty air filter.
– The carburetor requires an “H” (High Jet) adjustment.

To overcome the possible problems above, a number of ways can be done, steps to handle this problem is by using a new fuel and 2 cycles of the oil mixture ratio. There is another method that we can try, by cleaning the air filter. You need to clean and wash it using water soap until it cleans and rinses with warm water then dry until completely dry. The last step to deal with the third problem is to set the carburetor, check the wind and fuel output, there is a possibility of imbalance, then turn the stationary fuel bolt counterclockwise and turn the stationary fuel bolt clockwise or vice versa until the sound is stable.

It is a few tips that might be useful for you in solving problems that occur in your chainsaw, basically routine maintenance of the chainsaw can minimize the damage or interference with the unit.