Prayer request has a big impact on the world. Our joint reactions, representations and contemplation can adjust aggregate awareness and bring recovery to one individual or the whole country miracle healing prayers. Prayer Request is an evangelist who encourages many administrations to improve. The vitality of gathering in a meeting is solid to the point that individuals who are outside the structure, not aware of what is happening inside, are basically corrected by walking through the field of vitality. In one way or another as long as the administration of recovery a large vitality field is created which is loaded with insight and capacity to rebuild well-being.

There is a logical hypothesis that the intensity of the prayer request is the square of the number of individuals accumulated in the petition. For example, if 100 people request as a meeting, their vitality is equivalent to if 10,000 people request independently. Remember the story of Sodom and Gomorrah? God guarantees that it will not destroy the city for their terrible demonstration that ignores the desires of honest people through sexual hostility. God revealed to Abraham that if he could find ten sincere and adoring people, the city would be saved.

Just consider what can be processed if as little as one percent of humanity will raise the level of consciousness with very high expectations to create world harmony! When we understand that what we declare and do influences aggregate awareness, we can consolidate to ask God to resolve human misery.
It has been noted that world events and failures have been rejected by mass petitions. By conveying prayer request and light on National Petition Day, Earth Day, Harmonic Convergence and various occasions where individuals everywhere in the world ask or reflect during the period of intentional impact and are recorded on occasion throughout the world. In his debut speech, Nelson Mandela stated, “Because we are freed from our own fears, our quality consequently frees others.” If each of you reads this book assuming that it is responsible for improving itself from seven karmic designs, it will be reflected in humanity by a decrease in fear, cynicism, commotion, war, war and brutality. If there is tranquility on this earth it will begin with our reflection and restore the petition.