For companies that are already quite stable and where warehouses are one of the important assets to safeguard company assets, sometimes the choice of building, buying, or renting storage warehouse or 儲存倉 is a difficult choice. The choice to build this facility is certainly tempting for large companies because, in the long run, building and owning a warehouse is the most economical choice if the value is depreciated from year to year brilliant storage. Especially if indeed the company’s warehouse needs are unique and quite different from the general warehouse layouts that are available on the market.

For companies that have large or stable inflows but do not need unique construction or warehouse buildings, they can usually consider buying a ready warehouse. This certainly can save time compared to building its own warehouse, and in the long term, it can be an economical choice along with the depreciation of warehouse acquisition costs from year to year. Whereas on the other hand, this choice has the same consequences as the construction of its own warehouse, which is in terms of substantial funding in the beginning. Therefore, when deciding to buy a warehouse, the company must carefully consider its budget and funding.

If the two choices above are inadequate and considered risky, then the choice to rent a storage warehouse can be the right decision. There are many advantages when renting a warehouse rather than buying or building their own warehouse. First, the costs needed at the beginning are not too large, so that this can be funded from the operations of the business or the company itself from year to year. If there are changes that are needed (such as a smaller or larger warehouse rental, or moving locations), this rented storage warehouse option will be very possible. Third, the routine costs needed are no greater than having their own warehouse. The routine costs referred to here are security costs, rental fees for parking lots, etc.