Floral motifs have started to re-emerge since the rise of vintage style in 2015. Even so until now, floral motif fashion products or often called “floral motifs” such as dresses, shirts, or hijab still favored by women. Ranging from teenagers to many adult women who collect several womens watches with floral motifs.

In addition to the fashion products that have been mentioned before, now do not miss the WATCH HAND has been designed with attractive floral motifs. Of course, what we are talking about here is the BRANDED ORIGINAL watch which is one of the tempting choices of the best store’s collection.

TED BAKER and BONIA brands are two popular brands. Both brands are known to have issued other fashion products such as bags, clothing, etc. which has its own character. Certainly not in doubt in terms of quality and slick design.


Ted Baker ITE10030696 – Impressed sexy and elegant with a touch of black with gold details. A classy combination coupled with floral motifs on Ted Baker’s leather watch strap. The choice for women who want to look more elegant and mature with shades of ‘flowers’.


Bonia BN-966-RGLW – Gold accents characteristic of a woman’s appearance increasingly radiated with a white ceramic chain strap. Looks very classy. Just mix with the Minidress floral motif. To be present at a relaxed event or just take a walk at the weekend will look interesting. Pair with work clothes will also look smarter.