Insulation is the use of materials with low conductive values to reduce the flow of energy across the material. In order to reduce heat flow, the energy of the material must have a high resistance value (the value is the opposite of the conductor). In general, the air around us is a great heat inhibitor, as long as the process of convection still can be suppressed. Meanwhile, if the insulation in your crawlspace is broken, you may call the best crawl space repair columbia sc.

Most materials have insulation properties but there are three major types of insulation, they are:

1. Resistive insulation is inhibiting the flow of heat by relying on the value of resistance in the conduction process.

2. Reflective insulation is to reduce the radiation flow of heat. The ability of materials to absorb or re-radiate infra-red depends on the shape and color. The best absorbent is material with black and vice versa white is the best reflective properties.

3. Capacitive insulation has many useful characteristics if the temperature fluctuations between the two surfaces are very large. So that this type of insulation does not work in steady-state conditions. This method utilizes the delay of heat flow stored in the building material (time-lag). So that it can move the peak flow conditions at the time needed.