The results of a recent study conducted by a research team from Yale University and New Castle University, type 2 diabetes can be overcome by a new method called Very Low-Calorie Diet (VLCD). This VLCD method reduces daily calorie consumption by up to 75%. Aside from that amazon, you may also try nitric oxide supplements if you wish to reduce the risk of getting diabetes.

Setting a consumption pattern with a very low-calorie diet can quickly restore type 2 diabetes to open up new hopes for sufferers. Maybe many people ask how the VLCD method succeeded in dramatically reducing blood glucose levels?

This low-calorie diet turns out to reduce the conversion of lactic acid and amino acids to glucose. In addition, this low-calorie diet reduces the rate of conversion of liver glycogen to glucose and also decreases the fat content of the liver and improves liver response to insulin.

The most exciting thing is that the VLCD results can be seen after three days of this diet.

Excessive calorie consumption is indeed very closely related to high blood glucose levels. These excess calories cause fatty liver which will cause excess glucose production. The excess fat today will affect the pancreas which results in interference with the cells that produce insulin.

Reduction of fat in the pancreas can restore the normal function of the pancreas to produce insulin again. This is where the role of VLCD is in restoring liver and pancreatic functions in order to re-regulate glucose levels in the blood.

How is the application?

The key to the success of VLCD is setting the calorie intake suppressed to a very low level, which is only 600 calories per day. If this very low-calorie diet is carried out for 8 weeks it will restore deep liver and kidney function so that excess blood glucose production can be normalized.

If this diet is carried out for 8 weeks it will also result in an average weight loss of around 15 kg. This return of liver and pancreatic function even applies to people with diabetes who suffer for 10 years.