A ski coach Massimiliano Derevici explains skiing requires a number of tools such as shoes, ski boards, and ski sticks. The length of the skiboard used, said Derevici, adjusted for height. Derevici said that skiing can be tried from the age of the child as long as both of his legs are strong enough to support the body. In the game of leg strength skiing is the main key. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a good ski resort, then you may check out Active Life Madarao .

“Children three to four years old can start skiing, depending on the condition of their feet. If their legs are strong, three years old can already play because it is safe here,” Derevici said.

According to Derevici, everyone who wants to ski must love skiing first. After that, start practicing slowly from basic techniques.

The basic technique introduced for beginners is to form legs like the letter V to make it easy to slide and stop. Use stick help to make it easier.

“Don’t think you want to run fast for the start, but just slow down first because if you go down quickly from the top of the mountain it’s easy. The one who needs to learn is to slowly, to be able to stop, because it’s initially difficult,” said Derevici.

Before trying to slide off, try playing in a flat area of snow. Trans Snow World prepares several ski areas on an area of 6,500 square meters filled with snow like in the Alps.