Good and strong asphalt roads are affected by road construction starting from the beginning. If the initial process is not right, the quality of the road produced is not optimal. The age of asphalt roads is not able to reach the estimated age standard. As a result of improper workmanship, the asphalt road will immediately be damaged, reduced asphalt flexibility and uneven asphalt surface. Meanwhile, if you wish to know the strength of your newly-constructed road, you may hire the experts of cbr test near your area.

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The initial compaction stage in making asphalt roads is the step of compaction of the road foundation. This stage is done after the road body is formed. The soil needs to be compacted to be able to withstand the load above it. This compaction stage is carried out with a vibrator roller and a bulldozer to obtain optimal density.

If the land is really solid, then it can be continued by adding foundation material in the form of river stone. This foundation material must be ensured to be really solid. Compacting the foundation material is done using a tandem roller. Compressed layer by layer will make the road structure has a strong load carrying capacity.

In addition, after compaction of the foundation material is complete, further compaction can be done with a tandem roller or steel wheel compactor. Start with a dump truck that pours hot-mix into asphalt finisher then spreads it on the road surface. Then the tandem roller is in charge of following the asphalt finisher to compact the road surface.

The compaction process is followed by compaction of the next stage. Compaction is carried out with a rubber wheel compactor. This tool moves following compaction at the previous stage. After that, it is continued with final compaction using a steel wheel compactor without vibration.

The asphalt compaction process must be completed before the asphalt is at temperatures below 850 degrees C or depends on the type of asphalt used. If compaction is carried out below the temperature of 850 degrees C, the aggregate stones in the asphalt mixture are not able to bind to each other. As a result, the strength of the road asphalt was lower than it should be.