Root canal treatment is dental care to repair tooth decay. A decayed tooth is infected with the tooth nerve and damaged the pulps. Your dentist will only perform root canal therapy if the decay that occurs causing or will cause permanent damage to the teeth. The main objective of this action is to remove the section of the nerve and damaged the dental pulp. Once inside clean teeth, tooth and then closed, so that the dentist can eliminate parts of damaged teeth without damaging other parts. This action is considered as a traditional treatment compared to other treatments, such as tooth extractions and denture use.

Root canal treatment is proven safe actions to do. Because nerves exist in the teeth only serves to make the teeth out of gum, then that part can be removed, especially if prone to infection. However, because this section also has a sensory function, which can help you distinguish between hot and cold, the loss of this part will certainly affect the taste of your teeth sensitive to heat and cold; However, this will not interfere with the primary function of teeth, ie chewing and destroying the food.

Although relatively safe, a well-known acts root canal is quite painful. However, patients admitted that the treatment is not painful; but the nerve and pulp are problematic. Root canal treatment can help you avoid risks and complications caused by tooth decay. Tooth decay can cause swelling that is festering in the dental pulp, and if not treated promptly, the bacteria that are in there will spread to other teeth are still healthy or even other body parts. Forms of other complications that can be caused by swelling containing pus or infection, also swelling, bone loss, drain problems, or when the hole formed on the side of the tooth, so the drain reaches the gums or cheek. However, there are some cases where tooth decay so severe that cannot be treated by root canal treatment. In such a case, you can ask your doctor to pull teeth to get rid of rotten teeth completely. If you do not want this to interfere with your performance, then you can order a denture to be installed in your mouth.